Radboud University Nijmegen

Summer 2022

Translating Developmental Science from Research to Practice // International summer school for students at the master and PhD level

Spring 2022

Early Language Perception and Production // Master-level seminar and lecture

Winter 2021

Human Language [Het Menselijk Taalvermogen] // Undergraduate seminar and lecture

Summer 2021

Development from Pregnancy to Preschool // International summer school for students at the master and PhD level

University of Göttingen

Winter 2020/2021

Cognitive Psychology [Kognitionspsychologie] // Undergraduate lecture

Version Control and Collaborative Working with github // One-day workshop for WortSchatzInsel lab members

Summer 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

Scientific skills for psychology [Wissenschaftliche Kompetenzen für die Psychologie] // Undergraduate seminar and lecture

Winter 2017/2018, Winter 2018/2019

Biocognition [Biokognition] // Undergraduate practical

Winter 2017/2018

The philosophical underpinnings of language acquisition reserach // Two-day workshop for undergraduate and graduate students (with Daniel Höft, University of Gießen)

University of Marburg

Winter 2014/2015 – Winter 2015/2016

Introduction to Academic Methods // Part of an undergraduate introductory linguistics course

Deutsche SchülerAkademie

Summer 2020

Perceptual Dialectology [Wahrnehmungsdialektologie] // Two-day online workshop for academically motivated high school students

Computational sociolinguistics: Software-aided analysis of language [Computational sociolinguistics: Softwaregestützte Sprachanalyse] // College-level summer course for academically motivated high school students (with Konstantin Niehaus, German Aerospace Center) (cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic)

Summer 2019

Culture Clash: A historico-linguistic look at language and culture contacts [Culture Clash: Ein historisch-linguistischer Blick auf Sprach- und Kulturkontakte] // College-level summer course for academically motivated high school students (with Julian Windhövel, University of Cologne)

Summer 2017

What is language? Insights from philosophy of language and linguistics [Was ist Sprache? Einblicke aus Sprachphilosophie und Linguistik] // College-level summer course for academically motivated high school students (with Daniel Höft, University of Gießen)

Supervised students

University of Göttingen


Claudia Wasmuth: The influence of interest on word learning under referential ambiguity [Der Einfluss von Interesse auf das Wortlernen bei referentieller Ambiguität] (M.Sc. Psychology)


Meike Förster: The influence of object interest, category interest and category size on word learning in 24-month-old children [Der Einfluss des Objekt- und Kategorieninteresses und der Kategoriengröße auf das Wortlernen bei 24 Monate alten Kindern] (M.Sc. Psychology)

Juliane Schaarschmidt: The influence of category interest and object interest on learning novel word-object-associations in three-year-old children [Der Einfluss des Kategorien- und Objektinteresses auf das Lernen neuer Wort-Objekt-Assoziationen bei dreijährigen Kindern] (M.Sc. Psychology)

Anna Spielvogel: The effects of active control on word learning from a tablet computer. A study with 24 and 36-48 month old children [Die Effekte der aktiven Kontrolle für das Erlernen neuer Objektbezeichnungen auf dem Tablet. Eine Studie mit 24- und 36-48-monatigen Kindern] (B.Sc. Psychology)

Judit Stolla: Is pupillometry a valid measure of category interest in children aged 24 to 36 months? [Ist Pupillometrie eine valide Messmethode für das Kategorieninteresse von Kindern zwischen 24 und 36 Monaten?] (B.Sc. Biology, co-supervised with Ben Malem)


Ulrike Fritz: The influence of category size and curiosity on word learning in toddlers [Der Einfluss von Kategoriengröße und Neugier auf das Wortlernen bei Kleinkindern] (B.Sc. Psychology)